Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playing with fabric

I realized today these pieces were not posted on this blog.

 A Blue Owl pillow cover I made for my sweetie. Appliqué with retro fabrics.

 Grandchild's quilt.
Appliqué with new fabrics. I found the basic design on-line and altered it as I cannot fully use another's design. Being a artist who paints naturalistic I altered shapes to make more sense to me. To personalize the quilt I placed the family pug centre. I designed the pug from a photo of Fozzie who is actually a black pug but to fit the scheme I made him tan and put him in a camouflage coat to help him fit in with his wild neighbours.

After years of searching for the design I based my grandchild's quilt on I finally found it.
As one can see I altered the design of the rabbit by uprighting the ears and adding a tail as where we live there are an abundance of city jackrabbits. The buffalo I redrew, tilting the horns forward. The bear was the only shape not altered. I do thank Sindy Rodenmayer for her original design that inspired me to create an beautiful baby quilt for a grandchild.

The bag that kept growing, it ended up much larger than I intended but hopefully its found a good use.
The goat is a pigment printed image from a painting. Given as a gift.