Thursday, January 24, 2019

quilts for loved ones

Quilt made with love for a BMX biker. patchwork, appliqué, quilted in sections then pieced together.

Patchwork, quilted in sections then pieced together.

Crazy patchwork, photos, text, pieced and quilted in sections then pieced together.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


I have not learned how to follow a written pattern so I worked free form to create this scarf for my daughter. It took a lot of time working up, taking out then redoing, but I accomplished it, though I won't ever do another. I prefer to work on much smaller objects and hats.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Fun gifts created for loved ones.

I love making handmade gifts for those I love.

 Everyone needs a crazy monster hat, still have more to make.

 Fun loving zany oven mitts. We've found now that everything tends to be made in China, oven mitts are too small and tend to fall apart within one year, so wasteful and painful when the material disintegrates so fast that hands got burnt. Remedy make my own to fit larger mens hands.

 Crochet hot pot pads, fun to do while watching TV. I mix cotton yarn with threads to make them more durable.

Do away with plastics that fill up the earth with waste that does not ever disappear and sew up large shopping bags.

Special requests, stocking to suit the individual, all hand made with much love, thought and time.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

crochet hats for fun

Hats I forgot to post last year. some I still have others not. I learned how to crochet by following Bob Wilson on youtube. Thanks Bob.

Then I went on to free-forming, mixing wool and yarn, and having fun.

 Learned how to make a few flowers

 and scallops

 Tapestry crotchet following along youtube. My first tapestry piece. I created one in camo wool with red hearts that my husband wears, funny though that I have no photo of it.

 The Dragon was gifted to a wonderful man we adore. Tapestry crochet with a pattern I created.

I also designed this tapestry crochet pattern and made the tuque for my daughter.

Tapestry crochet like this takes twice as much wool as regular hats as its double thickness, but nice and warm for cold Canadian winters.

 More scallops
 and bobbles and brims.
 Brims are a challenge for me, took way to long for

my liking.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Three textile hangings

 All three textiles are machined patchwork, overstitched by hand and embroider thread paintings based on my own or my husbands photography.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Creative crochet hats

A few more one of a kind hats; cause variety is joyful and fun.  The children's wool hats designed for two wee sweet girls, each now has its own special flower. 
 This is real tiny, for the babe.
 This one a size larger.

 Festive floral, both white and red wool used is 80% acrylic and 20% Mohair mix.

 Fun and Funky with tassels. A mix of varied fibre wool with a mustard color cotton.

Double strand crochet Beanie of mixed cotton yarns. Four varied colored yarns mixed with one underlying mildly variegated wool that has silver flecks that run throughout. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

crazy hat lady strikes once again

 Hat designed to fit a large head size. Varied yarns used, antique button sets off the flower nicely. As you can see it fits loosely on my ever patient model Darryl who kindly offered to pose with both ladies and mens style hats. Darryl's head circumference above the eyebrows is 22.25 inches.

 Stylish pillbox crocheted with variegated wool with flower accent. This hat already has a head to warm, thank you Erin.

 Wool tulip style hat.

 Cotton yarn beanie with flower and leaves. Large size.

Fun, fun fun pillbox beanie of warm soft wool accented with soft eyelash yarn trim. Very stretchy will fit med to large. Very soft wool, nice to the touch, fun-fur trim gives a soft elegant look.

 Colorful cotton yarn beanie for spring, summer fall weather. Medium size.

 I designed this style as in the winter I like my ears covered, yet don't always need earflaps that tie. It fits well as the hat slopes around the face keeping ears and back of head warm. I find this style does not push up off my head, so far it tends to stay put. This hat is a large medium to large size as it covers the eyebrows of my model.
  Green wool and rainbow acrylic yarn crocheted with wool, tapered to back to cover ears. Good style for both men and women.

 Acrylic yarn, nice size to cover ears. Good style for both men and women. Medium.
This hat has gone to warm a head.

 Acrylic yarn, tapered to back to cover ears. Large, also have similar one fit small to med.
Small to med size, a flower can be added.

 This one is warming one of our sons ears, and none too soon as the snows have come.

 Camo, acrylic yarn. A small to med (stretchy) hat designed with slight sloping toward the back to cover ears.

Small childs' all wool hat that took eleven hours to design a pattern for and create.
This sweet wee hat is off to warm a sweet childs' head with an order for a second one,  gratefully I  thank you.

 Funky fun wool hat with protrusions. Med. I love the sculptural feel of this one.

 Soft wool hat crocheted with brighter cotton yarn with the wool to add accent color. Designed to shape around face and cover the ears. Bit snug on the model, fit small to med size.

 Soft wool hat crocheted with brighter pink cotton yarn and rainbow acrylic yarn to add accent color to the wool. Designed to shape around face and cover the ears. Bit snug on the model, fit small to med size.

Variegated acrylic yarn Pill box hat with large flower. Med.
In case anyone is curious as to my model, his name is Darryl and he was sculpted by myself from a live model during my stint at the University of Manitoba a few years past.