Sunday, November 10, 2013

Having fun with funky hats

A few funky crochet hats I recently made.
 Hubby took me to a sale a few weeks past and helped me dig through bins of yarn. I came home with quite the stash and proceeded to make one of a kind funky fun hats; after all life is too short to wear boring hats.
 Sea Urchin 

 I taught myself to crochet by watching numerous youtube videos last year. It took me a while to find one I could easily follow though with perseverance I did and made an owl hat, but to get good enough to make the owl hat as it was a gift for my daughter-in-law I had to practice what I was learning and made made myself a blue sea urchin hat though having no idea how I got there as I had not the "right needle, or the right yarn" for a project so it ended up being an experiment, which I must say gets lots of compliments.
(This hat is off to warm a wonderful ladies head, thank you Valerie)
I know this hat is pretty standard looking but the flower is my adaptation of one I learned to make by watching The yellow of the flower is the learned from video part, the blueish color inbetween the petals in a simple chain stitch looped in as filler and to give a punch of depth and alternative coloration to flower .