Thursday, December 8, 2016

crochet hats for fun

Hats I forgot to post last year. some I still have others not. It was great therapy when I could not walk due to slipping as it kept my mind off the pain. I learned how to crochet by following Bob Wilson on youtube. Thanks Bob.

Then I went on to free-forming, mixing wool and yarn, and having fun.

 Learned how to make a few flowers

 and scallops

 Tapestry crotchet following along youtube. My first tapestry piece. I created one in camo wool with red hearts that my husband wears, funny though that I have no photo of it.

 The Dragon was gifted to a wonderful man we adore. Tapestry crochet with a pattern I created.

I also designed this tapestry crochet pattern and made the tuque for my daughter.

Tapestry crochet like this takes twice as much wool as regular hats as its double thickness, but nice and warm for cold Canadian winters.

 More scallops
 and bobbles and brims.
 Brims are a challenge for me, took way to long for

my liking.