Sunday, December 7, 2014

Creative crochet hats

A few more one of a kind hats; cause variety is joyful and fun.  The children's wool hats designed for two wee sweet girls, each now has its own special flower. 
 This is real tiny, for the babe.
 This one a size larger.

 Festive floral, both white and red wool used is 80% acrylic and 20% Mohair mix.

 Fun and Funky with tassels. A mix of varied fibre wool with a mustard color cotton.

Double strand crochet Beanie of mixed cotton yarns. Four varied colored yarns mixed with one underlying mildly variegated wool that has silver flecks that run throughout. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

crazy hat lady strikes once again

 Hat designed to fit a large head size. Varied yarns used, antique button sets off the flower nicely. As you can see it fits loosely on my ever patient model Darryl who kindly offered to pose with both ladies and mens style hats. Darryl's head circumference above the eyebrows is 22.25 inches.

 Stylish pillbox crocheted with variegated wool with flower accent. This hat already has a head to warm, thank you Erin.

 Wool tulip style hat.

 Cotton yarn beanie with flower and leaves. Large size.

Fun, fun fun pillbox beanie of warm soft wool accented with soft eyelash yarn trim. Very stretchy will fit med to large. Very soft wool, nice to the touch, fun-fur trim gives a soft elegant look.

 Colorful cotton yarn beanie for spring, summer fall weather. Medium size.

 I designed this style as in the winter I like my ears covered, yet don't always need earflaps that tie. It fits well as the hat slopes around the face keeping ears and back of head warm. I find this style does not push up off my head, so far it tends to stay put. This hat is a large medium to large size as it covers the eyebrows of my model.
  Green wool and rainbow acrylic yarn crocheted with wool, tapered to back to cover ears. Good style for both men and women.

 Acrylic yarn, nice size to cover ears. Good style for both men and women. Medium.
This hat has gone to warm a head.

 Acrylic yarn, tapered to back to cover ears. Large, also have similar one fit small to med.
Small to med size, a flower can be added.

 This one is warming one of our sons ears, and none too soon as the snows have come.

 Camo, acrylic yarn. A small to med (stretchy) hat designed with slight sloping toward the back to cover ears.

Small childs' all wool hat that took eleven hours to design a pattern for and create.
This sweet wee hat is off to warm a sweet childs' head with an order for a second one,  gratefully I  thank you.

 Funky fun wool hat with protrusions. Med. I love the sculptural feel of this one.

 Soft wool hat crocheted with brighter cotton yarn with the wool to add accent color. Designed to shape around face and cover the ears. Bit snug on the model, fit small to med size.

 Soft wool hat crocheted with brighter pink cotton yarn and rainbow acrylic yarn to add accent color to the wool. Designed to shape around face and cover the ears. Bit snug on the model, fit small to med size.

Variegated acrylic yarn Pill box hat with large flower. Med.
In case anyone is curious as to my model, his name is Darryl and he was sculpted by myself from a live model during my stint at the University of Manitoba a few years past.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Update time from the crazy hat lady

 As you see the winter months were filled with hat making and I've happily given most away already. the green monster is for a sweet young fella who touched my heart last year but we've not had the chance to make contact to deliver it yet. (This hat has now gone off to warm the sweet young mans head, his mom picked it up and sent me a photo of him wearing it and giving me the thumbs up, which warmed my heart greatly)

 This one was made for our grandson, I think I will make myself one next winter.

 This one was crocheted for a dear friend of mine. The fun part was I gave her the bag of hats to choose which one she wanted and she chose the one I had made special for her, how cool is that...

and this one went to her four year old granddaughter, thank goodness I had a small hat that she liked.

This one I scooped for me.

 The one and only Beaver hat I will ever make was for our grandson. Apparently the teeth get in the way of seeing, but it is cute, even if he has to wear it sideways to see where he is going.

This one my daughter fell in love with but as it was a bit small in height I added more rows till it fit right. Luckily I had just enough wool left to do so.

Below are hats I made for my sweet sister, you can see I like variety in materials as well as accent flowers.
Above and below is a reversible hat.

 Also reversible. I forgot to photograph the reverse, but it has the light blue on the inside of the brim. I made the flower as a brooch so it could be taken off when the hat is washed.

This one is not reversible. The underside brim is the same material as the flower. The flower in stitched on through the button.

As one may rightly surmise that I don't make two of a kind, I like to mix up colors and fabrics just to see what will be, and so far those who have received them are delighted, which in turn delights me. I have made a few more, but oops forgot to photograph them before they were given away, oh well.