Sunday, July 3, 2011

Childs Colorful Play Teepee

 Pictures cut from retro fabrics.
 Applique blue rainbow, min-pin and pug. accents of antique rickrack and ribbons
 Sheer fabric stars and circles, a fun way to allow light to enter.
  Door flaps lined with rainbows and zebras held open with antique buttons.
 Fabric sleeves to encase poles holding them in place.
Topped with a double sided flag, red on one side rainbow material on other side with antique ribbons hanging from the tip.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Mothers Love

A Mothers Love
mixed media, 8x8 in
Antique buttons, metal decorations, silver hearts, glass shell, grain., graphite drawing.

A piece about Love and Protection and the staples in life.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Seek Peace

Seek Peace Meditation Prayer 
36x12.5 in 
“Depart from evil and do good; Seek Peace and pursue it” Palms 34:14
A prayer for all human-kind to pick up the key to the heart, behold the grace and power of love and joy and peace.
“Just as I am so are they, just as they are so am I” Sutta Nipata
Digital painting of archangel pigment printed onto quilters cotton and coated with acrylic gel. Varied fabrics, antique buttons, metal ribbon, stones, tassels and various adornments.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Silver and Gold

"Silver Meditation"     "Golden Meditation" 
50"x9"                   35"x8"
$159.00                  $159.00
Textile hanging; varied fabric, metal ribbons, fabric ribbons, antique buttons, mesh and tassels.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Alberta Approved"
Juried into "In The Red creation from defict" now showing at Alberta Craft Council Edmonton

“Alberta Approved”
Our wise Great Horned Owl sad to say is presently all tied up in red wool, and not to keep warm through our cold winters. Ironically our provincial bird is bound before the slogan “Freedom To Create, Spirit To Achieve” which sport Alberta’s Blue and Gold colors of expanse. The red wool travels downward to stitch into the butt pocket of partial jeans shaken upside-down revealing a discarded open-ended red mesh plastic bag which can safely hold nothing, yet its pinned in place by a safety pin sporting a red plastic button. Due financial cutbacks I had to skimp on the hanging device and recycle an old red-plastic-coated hanger destined for the recycle bin.The title “Alberta Approved” is derived from the blue poultry pin which is attached onto off-cut fabric edging on which “RED” is printed.
“Alberta Approved” incorporates the craft of photography, textiles and digital art using materials bought, found and recycled. The owl image is combined photography and digital art pigment printed on quilters fabric and sealed with a coat of acrylic gel.
Do cutbacks hinder? A resounding YES as some galleries try to keep events pinned together and others renege on Carfac fees to keep going. Traveling art shows cancelled and artists canceling shows due lack in funding effects all society. How do I feel about the cuts; ask the owl!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Retablo; Life Preserver, 2010

Image of water flowing across rock that was copied, flipped, copied flipped again to create the pattern for the closed doors of the Retablo below.

 Doors closed, work in progress shot, top part with tree of life not completed.

 Surprise that appeared on the back while collaging torn pre-colored music sheets. So taking the hint I emphasized the image that serendipitously appeared by darkening the area around it.
 Retablo created for Emmaus Fine Arts Group Travelling Exhibition 2010

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roadside Conversation

"Roadside Conversation"
Submission to "The Road to Emmaus" Exhibition 2011, Calgary AB
Media: Textile fabric collage, photo pigment printed on cotton, acrylic paint, embellished with machine stitching, antique buttons, ribbons, brass bells and a brass heart.
Dimensions: 33” x 12.5”

Roadside Conversation
Two buddies trudge along the roadside, the receding sun enveloping into twilight the dark events that took place only a few days before. A stranger overtaking them intercedes their conversation, questioning, prying their torn hearts, interloping on their grief. Out of courtesy do they speak, telling the stranger of hope of rescue crucified with their prophet. The stranger reiterates prophesies of scripture, moreover, reprimands them of faltering faith and their lack of acknowledging the women who spoke of the empty tomb. Was it not foretold, he asks. 


Pixel painting pigment printed onto quilters photographic cotton, coated with acrylic gel then accent stitched by machine. Embellished with antique buttons, ribbon, fringe and rhinestone LOVE brooch.
Dimensions: 24"x10"
$ 139.99

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kykkotissa, a Mothers Love

This was my first textile Icon painting completed for an Emmaus  Art Group exhibition at The House Coffee Sanctuary, Calgary in Dec. 

 Virgin with Child, called Kykkotissa, this is my copy of an icon detail by a Venetian painter working at Sinai during the Crusade era.
Painted with acrylic on coarse canvas with machine sewn cloth frame, fringe and brass bells.
Image copy 9 x 6 inches
Size from dowel to bottom of fringe is 22 inches by 10.5 wide.

The original icon is much larger at 50.6x 39.7 cm, roughly 20 x 16 inches and painted with tempera on wood. The Sinai icon apparently has Saints depicted around the outer edge of the icon; though when I painted this I didn't know how the completed icon looks as the book presents only the detail image. THE ICON, the book I copied the image from states that this is a rendition of "Virgin with Child that copies the famous St Luke Virgin, known as the Kykkotissa, of the Monastery of Kykko on Cyprus"(p205)

I find this Icon appealing as the Virgin Mary holds baby Jesus in her right arm and cradles his right foot gently in her left hand, its a tender portrait of a Mother and Son. Unlike other icons theres no mudras pertaining to blessings or hints to the future path of Jesus that I know of. In the book it states "the western copyist omits the dogmatically significant motif of Christ receiving the scroll, the logos, out of the Virgins hand"(p205), this makes me wonder if the artist was aiming for a more realistic and sensitive humanizing rendition of The Christ as a baby.

I note that icons called Kykkotissa are of a tender depiction with baby relaxed in mothers arms and many show the baby with bare legs. One site I found states that in Greek, Kykkotissa means "compassion", another site states it is derived from the golden cyprus oak on mountain Kukkos and means the "Virgin of the Oak Apple", either way its a loving tender moment that reaches through generations.

My copy being acrylic on coarse canvas was a challenge to begin with due the roughness of weave so it was surprising how well the image came together after the initial paint layer was laid. I put on varied relaxing music from around the world and even listened, really listened to Lenard Cohen songs while painting. Then at night, awaking between sleeping I found myself thinking about the image and how beautiful I found it to be, and also how it was to be finished off. The perfect red shiny cloth was found in my fabric bins, and also the same color of ribbon, amazing. I thought I had a small brass angel pin to put above the image but I cannot find one so bells were attached to the ribbons instead.

Though this piece was not painted following iconographers style and though it is not an exact copy, it was painted lovingly with heart and respect.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

buttons and butterflies

These beautiful Alberta butterfly images were played with in PSE to give them a softer tone more fitting of fabric work. Each is pigment printed on quilters photographic cotton and stiched into on of a kind textile wall hangings.
Approximate size from hanger top to tail 7.5" x 20.5"

Top two Hangings SOLD

Available at The Art Gallery of St Albert